The Top Characteristics of the Swedish Weather

Our last overseas trip to measure atmospheric data with our weather station installations was to the incredible country of Sweden. Our team was able to gather conclusions that made us think about the Swedish weather differently than what is usually portrayed.

Many people picture harsh winters and never-ending cold when thinking about Sweden. However, the Swedish weather can be much milder and that’s greatly thanks to the warm Gulf stream.

The seasons and regions

One of the things Swedes love to highlight about their climate is that each of the four seasons is extremely unique and different from one another. They are also very different depending on the region.

The Swedish territory can be divided in three regions: “Götaland” in the south, “Svealand” in the middle and “Norrland” up north.

The south – Götaland

In the south, winters are milder and shorter and summer temperatures frequently reach 25ºC (77ºF). Daylight averages 19 hours in the peak of the summer. Due to the significant levels of humidity, cold days feel colder and warm days feel hotter. Snow is rare during the Götaland’s winter.

The midlands – Svealand

Stretching across Stockholm in the east to the Norway border in the west there is the Svealand region. The weather is generally slightly colder than in the south throughout the entire year. Snow is much more common, particularly in the northwest, the place of several ski resorts. Average temperatures are just bellow 0ºC (32ºF) in January, the coldest month.

The north – Norrland

The Norrland up north is the home of the extremely challenging climate the general consensus somehow associates with the entirety of Sweden, even though few people inhabit the area. Winters are cold, dry and long with very low temperatures dragging across several months. Summers are short. However, the temperatures are very comfortable during the season, from 15ºC to 25ºC (59ºF to 77ºF).

We are sure that as a weather enthusiast who probably has their own weather station, you are glad you were able to gain some new and demystified insights about the Swedish weather. If you’re into travelling, you now know you shouldn’t be so afraid of visiting Sweden.

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