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History and Mission

The history of our project Weather Station Finder dates back to 2014, even though our blog has only been online since the beginning of 2019.

The project began with an idea 4 friends had in late 2014. We all were, and still are, big weather enthusiasts and two of us have studied the area. We starting coming up with ideas.

We talked about the fact that many people, including us, would love to have more accurate and localized weather forecasts for our specific locations. While many open-source stations were already receiving data from personal home stations across the US, we felt like we could find a niche of people who would like to contribute with their data but still didn’t know how, or even that is was a thing.

We decided to create a blog dedicated to teach people how to buy the perfect home weather station or even build a personal one themselves. We also decided to create content to help people discover the best online public-access weather stations to get high-precision data. That is something we are currently working to deliver.

But back in 2014, we decided to do something first before planning and designing the blog. We were all newly-graduates who wanted to travel. Allying work and leisure we decide to travel multiple countries collecting atmospheric data with weather stations we constructed ourselves while partnering with the best stations in those territories to conduct our studies.

It was absolutely life-changing. The last country we visited was Sweden in 2018 but we loved it so much we decided to post the article with the conclusions first. Similar posts will come very soon, including one about the German weather. That was one of our first missions back in 2016.

As you can see, we continue to plan as we speak a blog with top quality and diversified content for all the weather enthusiasts.